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I Used Suboxone More Than Once and Rehab More Than Once. Only Cannabis Worked


I was addicted to Roxy, Fentanyl, Xanax, heroin, coke, Seraquel, and Dilaudid. Then I welcomed cannabis into my life.

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I became very depressed when I was 18.  I turned to alcohol to self-medicate because it was legal and easy to get. It was a terrible decision and what followed was a terrible time. Luckily, one great day I discovered cannabis; I quit drinking the very next day.

Five months after defeating alcohol, I was prescribed 150 Roxy (30mg) and 60 Xanax (2mg), for pain. I feel like I became an addict from the get-go. After a year, I was snorting, smoking, and shooting the pills.

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I eventually used Suboxone to quit the Roxy (more than once). And rehab (more than once). Nothing worked. And my doctor just kept giving me Roxy and Xanax whenever I asked for them. So, what followed was 8 years of Roxy, Xanax, Seraquel, heroin, coke, crack, Fentanyl, and Dilaudid. Hell.

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On January 31st, 2010, my great uncle died and I inherited $40,000. It felt like this was fate, a new start. So, I redoubled my efforts to quit. I got back on the Suboxone and smoked the cannabis religiously. This time, it took and t’s been 7.5 years since I touched opiates!

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Cannabis has helped me with my physical pain and mental struggles. If not for cannabis, I would never have stayed clean. I used the inheritance to move to Denver, get legal, and I have never felt better.

I know that one big roadblock to getting well using cannabis is money (plus the legal). If it was legal to grow, we’d all be getting our medicine. In Denver, I got a job as a trimmer and I loved it so much! There was nothing better than watching it grow and trimming it nice.

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I currently live in Naples, Florida to help my mom after a nasty divorce. We’re selling the house and moving to Colorado. It’s awful living in Florida. They don’t sell anything but CBD pills that aren’t worth the money. I still smoke my wax everyday because if I didn’t, I’d be looking for Roxy…

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