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Rob Ford’s Daughter Posts Illegal Cannabis on Instagram

Emily Robertson
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Will the hammer of the law come down on Rob Ford’s daughter after she publicly promoted the consumption of illegal cannabis (and even offered a purchase discount)?

Kyla Ford is the daughter of the Premiere of Ontario, Rob Ford. Since legalization, Ontario has been busily raiding “illegal dispensaries” and cracking down on black market dealings with brutal force. Rob Ford’s daughter just plugged black market cannabis oil on her Instagram feed.

So, kids and parents disagree – that’s not much of a revelation. And in the case of parents with extreme political viewpoints, like Ontario Premier Doug Ford, it would hardly be a surprise if his millennial children didn’t quite see eye-to-eye. But, what are the consequences when your daughter basically blows smoke in your face?

Kyla Ford, black market cannabis, CBD, CBD products, legalization, Doug Ford, Ontario, cannabis promotion, private dispensaries

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Recently, Kyla Ford promoted discounted CBD oil, from Bodhi Naturals. on her Instagram account. The post sparked instant backlash, and was taken down almost immediately. Nothing like a little bit of privilege wagged in your face, while people in the streets are getting arrested for the same.

The cannabis community have been experiencing harsh raids and they are not amused.

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Premier Ford has already shown his support for private dispensaries, but these won’t be open until April, 2019. And only the 25 that won the lottery will be free from government harassment.

Doug Ford has also been very vocal in his pushing for arrests and praising slam-down raids on dispensaries for black market transactions. The irony is thick. And the anger is swift.

Bodhi Naturals, hemp, hemp CBD, CBD, CBD products, Kyla Ford, Doug Ford, Ontario, black market, independent dispensaries

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Kyla Ford’s Boghi Promotion

Kyla, a personal trainer and nutrition coach (not to her dad), apparently tried CBD for the first time through Bodhi Naturals. A month ago, she announced that she would be partnering with the company to promote their products through her 98,000 follower social media platforms. Then on Tuesday 22 January, she posted on Instagram recommending Bodhi’s CBD products and offered a discount.

social media, Instagram, Kyla Ford, Doug Ford, Bodhi Naturals, hemp CBD, CBD products, legalization, independent dispensaries, black market, Cannabis Act, Ontario

She said in the caption, “So many amazing health benefits of taking hemp infused CBD oil. One of my favourite supplements that I take right now … and something I highly recommend for everyone!!”

Kyla’s post is a problem for three reasons: 1) Bodhi is unregistered, and therefore counts as an illicit dispensary; 2) her promotion of the product glamorizes CBD, which is not in compliance with the Cannabis Act; and 3) if anyone else promoted an illicit product so brazenly, they’d be arrested.

Bodhi Naturals, hemp, hemp CBD, CBD, CBD products, Kyla Ford, Doug Ford, Ontario, black market, independent dispensaries

Will Kyla be arrested? Or even investigated for that matter? What about Bodhi? I’ll let you make your own predictions. But, it generally helps to have a father in high political ranking.

Emily Robertson

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