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Cold Turkey Off 180mg/Day Percocet With Cannabis


Cannabis has given me major freedom from all of the Percocet and other pharma that were making me sick.

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My name is Roxanne. Cannabis has relieved me from Oxycontin, Lyrica, Clonazepam, Temazepam, and I don’t know how many other trials of pharmaceuticals that kept making me sick.

Oxycontin Bottles

In 2012, I cold turkey quit 180mg/day of Oxy. By the third day of my detox, my pain was unreal. That’s when my friend brought me a bowl. After hitting it, my pain dropped immediately. That was it! I went to the doctor and he filled out my MMJ paperwork on the spot. Must have been divine intervention because I was the 3rd patient that day to have gone to MMJ to drop pills. I have managed my pain for 5 years now with cannabis only.

I work as a budtender now and I love knowing the strains and their benefits. I’ve had people come in and say, “My doc don’t want me to come in no more” and “hey – you got my mom off pills.” It’s freaking awesome what the ganja can do and how many lives it has saved. I’ve heard and witnessed so many testimonies!

Cannabis bud in glass jar with scoop from dispensary

I also went into trimming in 2015 and I swear it’s therapeutic to hold a football sized cola in my hand, glove and all. 🙂 And what an honor to fill vape pens for Charlotte’s Web my first day of internship at Hemp Temps. So great…

Close up trichome rich cannabis bud

My favorites are Lemon G13, Master Kush, Banana Kush, and Grapefruit. I lean to the indicas, but plenty of sativas help with the pain too. Sometimes I grab a CBD sucker, makes me a little more comfy in my body. Though I’ve built a little bit of a tolerance, I still maintain wax in my pen. The green gives me more neurological relief. There were a lot of higher pain days when I would have “breakthrough” Percocets. NO MORE. Cannabis gives major freedom from the pharmacy!

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