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RxLeaf’s Must Get List: Luxury Christmas Cannabis Gifts

Matt Weeks
Cannabis Christmas Cannabis man opening weed gifts

‘Twas the night before Christmas and under the tree were neatly wrapped presents, all full of weed.

High-end holiday shoppers buying for cannabis consumers this festive season have plenty of options to wrap up this year. Thanks to the swift growth of the industry — which was estimated at $10.4 billion in 2018 — producers are eager to get new products to market. Currently, luxury cannabis products are a niche without a market leader — and many companies want to fix that. A spotlight on Christmas cannabis is one jolly way to rise to the top.

Luckily for consumers, the fight to be the Gucci of Christmas cannabis means a lot of fine gifts are available this time of year, and vying for attention. Below are five high-end, much loved by RxLeaf, gifts for the discerning enthusiasts on your Christmas cannabis list:

cannabis christmas for this younger couple exchanging gifts

A Holiday Decarboxylator AND Infuser in One: Ardent NOVA

Coming in at No. 1 is the Ardent NOVA. It’s a one button decarb and infusion system that’s truly an edible aficionado’s dream come true. Get full activation with maximal potency for flower or kief. And maybe the best part is there is no minimal amount required. Need a midnight snack? NOVA can do that. Need a full batch? NOVA can handle up to one ounce of flower and five ounces of kief.

The results are perfect every time, and the process couldn’t be easier. You just turn it on, punch a single button and walk away. NOVA will turn itself off when it’s done. Storage is easy with this compact unit so even the minimalist on your list will appreciate this gift.

The Ardent NOVA comes with a reasonable price too: $220USD.  It has no smell and no messy clean up. Fans of homemade cannabutter treats and weed-infused goodies will find myriad uses for this — and won’t be able to wait to put their Christmas cannabis to good use making goodies.

If there’s an aspiring cook or cannabis kitchen whiz with a penchant for the finer things in life on your holiday shopping list, the Ardent NOVA is sure to bring a smile.

A Vaporizer for Christmas Cannabis

If you’re interested in turning dry herbs into fluffy, easy-on-the-lungs clouds, look no further than the Mighty.

Made by Storz N Bickel, the USD$379 Mighty is the pinnacle of German-engineered vaping technology. No more paltry vape pens — this is the device you want to reach for when you have the urge to vape perfectly.

It’s simple to use, easy to clean, and built like a Mercedes-Benz SUV. It’s rough and tumble luxury at its finest, perfect for the sophisticated smoker or the new vape enthusiast who’s ready for an upgrade this holiday season.

One Strain to Rule Them All

If Santa has money to blow on some high-level Christmas cannabis, there’s no better strain to purchase than Isla O.G.

It came to prominence lately, when celebrity cannabis enthusiast and rapper 2 Chainz visited a store in Las Vegas and smoked a gold-plated joint of the stuff.

Isla O.G. retails at $100 per gram, nearly three times the price of other strains or chemovars. Also, it comes in the same aluminum cannister it cures in. The strain’s genetic makeup and terpene content is shrouded in mystery, as the owners keep all that information under wraps.

But for those who want to flex with a little Christmas cannabis, Isla O.G. is the supreme of cannabis strains.

cannabis christmas gifts

One Heck of a Nice Grinder

The Four-Piece Stainless Steel Grinder from Iaso is next-level.

Designed for medical cannabis patients who have physical concerns about using aluminum grinders, this flawlessly built stainless steel option comes in two sizes – 1.75 inches and 2.5 inches.

Its benefits include a long shelf life, a sleek look and a design that ensures the best possible grind. Thanks to its shape and material, the Four-Piece Stainless Steel Grinder prevents cannabis from lumping and sticking. Its teeth will also stay strong for years.

Retailing at USD$129.99, this device is the epitome of modern weed luxury. It’s an ideal way to ready Christmas cannabis for a holiday smoke session.

For the Pampered: Cannabis Bath Bombs 

Nothing says luxury like a bath, and the height of tub luxury accessories are bath bombs.

If you’re really ready for pampering, the high-dose CBD bath bombs available at Kush Queen fit the bill nicely.

Bath bombs have exploded in popularity recently, and luxury goods makers keep finding ways to increase their efficacy. Recently, Kush Queen started to offer bath bombs containing 100 mg and 200 mg of CBD, for those who want to feel like they’ve returned to the womb.

The 200 mg bath bomb induces a deep state of relaxation. But it also can ease inflammation and help with injury recovery, making it not only extravagant but utilitarian as well. A little closer to earth are the 100 mg of CBD bath bombs, which can help induce sleep, and provide a soft end to a day of luxurious self-care.

The CBD rich bath bombs come with a $20 price tag, making them a bit more expensive than their already high-priced competitors. But it’s pampering worth paying for this festive season.

Whatever you end up getting your favorite little cannabis enthusiasts, we hope you have a merry little Christmas!

Matt Weeks

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