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Salary For Avg Budtender in California

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If you have ever considered entering the thriving cannabis industry, the first thing you might have considered is the salary. You might have received several different answers to “how much do budtenders actually make?” There are several answers to this because there is no standard rate for this job yet. The wages are calculated on an hourly basis and it also varies according to the location and the size of the dispensary. There is no minimum or maximum rate which can be specified with regard to this industry.

To give you all a ballpark estimate – a Marijuana Budtender usually gets around $13 per hour in California but this is not a fixed rate as we have already explained. 

One of the most basic requirements for this job is the love for cannabis. If you want to enter this industry, you need to have knowledge about the different products and strains in addition to the love for the product. You can educate yourself before you become a part of the industry because your job will involve educating others about the same. The consumers might not have detailed knowledge about the products and could ask you questions about the strains.

You will only be able to answer them if you are well aware of it. Your job will be advising people or medical patients about the strains that will fit their needs. You will have to ensure that you offer them the best strains keeping their medical or recreational needs in mind. This is a profession which is not tied to anything, you are literally free to share your passion for the product and get paid to advice others on the same. If you have the love and interest for cannabis, you are a right fit.

Increasing Demand of Budtenders

A lot of advertisements show the increasing demand for budtenders. The job is desirable and is sought out by many marijuana enthusiasts but you need to keep in mind that they will not pay big money. You will get paid more than the current minimum wage which is anywhere between $10 – $16 for an hour. The annual salary can range between $22,000 – $32,000. Now, there is an exception here. If you are experienced or have a background which warrants it, you will make as high as $46,000 – $56,000 in a year.

Additional Benefits and Perks

There are additional perks to the same. You can enjoy special discounts on the products which you sell at the dispensary and you also get to try new products first. A lot of dispensaries across the country allow their customers to tip the staff with food, cash or in any other form. However, this varies from one dispensary to another but if your dispensary allows it, you will be earning much more than the regular salary. However, the dispensaries which allow tipping tend to pay lower salaries.


Ultimately, the salary of every budtender varies according to the location, their professionalism, experience, the way in which the dispensaryfunctions and much more. If you are a budtender with management duties, you will be paid more than a regular budtender who spends the day behind the counter. The more knowledge you have, the higher amount you will be paid. As a fresher with basic knowledge of the strains, you will only receive the minimum wages and the same may increase as your experience in the industry grows.

Growing Industry and The Impact on Salary

You need to keep in mind that the industry is only going to expand in the future and whatever experience you gain today is going to help you in the coming years. Even if you start with a minimum hourly wage, you will see yourself making much more in the coming period. Different dispensarieshave different rules for budtenders. Some might not be allowed to smoke at all while some might not be allowed to smoke during the rush hours. These rules vary from one dispensary to another. When working in a dispensary, you will be able to expand your knowledge with regard to the products and the strains and this knowledge will help you cater to the demands of the customers.

If you have the love for marijuana and are willing to share your knowledge with other customers through the products sold at the dispensary, this job is a perfect fit for you.

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