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Santa Should Have Some Special Presents for Parents in His Sleigh This Year

Matt Weeks
cannabis, Christmas, holidays, cannabis gifts, recreational cannabis, medical cannabis, free cannabis, legalization, parenting, children

Santa Baby, slip a little nugget under the tree, for me. 

For a season that claims to celebrate the good things in life, the winter holidays sure do their best to bring out the worst in us. And while everyone’s minds turn to the gifts, it’s normal to wonder what kinds of materials and experiences bring real, unexpected pleasure. Imagine tearing open wrapping paper to discover not a new sweater or tacky knickknack, but instead, a ticket to a world of mellow, pleasurable bliss.

That is the gift of cannabis.

cannabis, cannabis gifts, free cannabis, parenting, children, legalization, Christmas, holidays, medical cannabis, recreational cannabis, children

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Who among us doesn’t wish for a little de-stressing around the holidays? And who more than parents truly deserve this kind of luxury? Between supervising children over the break, buying and stashing away presents for the big Christmas morning reveal, coordinating plans with extended family members, decorating the house, ferrying family members to and from community obligations and worship services, a parent’s holiday ledger is always stuffed full as Santa’s toy sack.

That’s why at RxLeaf, we’re proposing the best holiday greenery idea since kissing under the mistletoe: Parents should receive free cannabis at Christmas time.

Here are our top 5 reasons why.

cannabis, Christmas, holidays, cannabis gifts, recreational cannabis, medical cannabis, free cannabis, legalization, parenting, children

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FIVE: Herd Immunity to Stress

What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. That’s never truer than with parents around holiday time. Stressed-out moms lead to stressed-out kids, which leads to less fun and merry making during what should be the happiest time of year. If we can stop stress at its source, we can contain the contagion from spreading like the plague. It’s the difference between curling up with a hot cup of hot cocoa in front of a fireplace and navigating Wal-Mart on Christmas Eve.

Cannabis has been proven to short-circuit stress. The study used healthy adults between the ages of 18 and 40, so we know the data is applicable to many of the parent-aged population. Other research found that cannabis strains high in CBD and low in TCH produced the largest reduction in stress. So perhaps, the most-stressed moms and dads should get doses of indica-heavy cannabis under the tree or slipped into a Christmas cookie.

cannabis, medical cannabis, recreational cannabis, stress, Christmas, Christmas cookies, holidays, edibles, free cannabis, cannabis gifts, parenting

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FOUR: Better Food

No matter how good or bad the gifts are, the winter holidays are always saved by a literal smorgasbord of Christmas treats. Gingerbread houses, overly decorated sugar cookies, chocolate fudge, egg nog — all delicious once-a-year confections that lift our moods, and all made by the loving hands of hardworking and hard-cooking parents. The best way to ensure that our bellies stay full of holiday goodies is make sure Mom gets the munchies.

A study by the bright folks at Yale University demonstrated that certain strains of cannabis activated neurons that tell the brain we’re hungry, even when we’re not. So when Mom and Pop toke up, they’ll increase their receptivity to Christmas snacks — and maybe even throw another pie in the oven.

cannabis, Christmas dinner, Christmas, cannabis gifts, holidays, free cannabis, medical cannabis, recreational cannabis, hunger, stress, appetite, CBD, parenting, relax

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THREE: More Real Moments

Anxiety is what happens when we live in the future, instead of focusing on the present. It’s what keeps us from enjoying the delightful festivities in front of us and instead choose to think about how long it will take to get home, projects at work, what our in-laws will drunkenly proclaim in front of our young ones. Those forward-thinking moments rob us of the Joy of the Moment — and keep us from creating real memories, which is what togetherness is all about.

Because cannabis reduces anxiety, it opens us up to the simple joys in life. And what do the evergreens of Christmas represent if not the life’s endurance in the face of hardships? Plus, it can take the edge off big family gatherings, work get-togethers, and school functions.

It also, incidentally, makes the real moments seem A LOT longer = bonus joy. There’s nothing like cannabis to help you sharpen your laser focus on what’s in front of you.

cannabis, free cannabis, holidays, Christmas, Christmas joy, Christmas gifts, parenting, relax, family, children, CBD, stress, family dinner

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TWO: Defeating Depression

The holidays are a lot of things, among them is the turning over a new year and with it, a self-conscious stock-taking. Parents are not immune to regret, especially around the Christmas season. And while no one is spared from the possibility depression, it can be especially hard for the caregivers among us. Ungrateful children, overbearing partners, demanding bosses — they all crank up the dial to 11 during the Christmas season, and tip the scales into a depressive episode. Luckily, cannabis can help stave off the blues by flooding our brains with feel-good chemicals and regulating the endocannabinoid system, which plays a big role in depression.

ONE: Everyone Should Get Free Cannabis at Christmas Time!

When it comes down to it, parents are people. And people have been gifted cannabis by whatever higher force or evolutionary force is responsible for existence. It belongs to the people, free and clear. It’s there for all of us to use and enjoy in whatever way we can.

cannabis, cannabis gifts, free cannabis, Christmas gifts, Christmas, holidays, parenting, children, family, stress, depression, Christmas dinner

Image credit: Per Bengtsson

This time of year can be stressful, but if there’s one thing that separates the Grinches from the jolly old saints, it’s going to be the cannabis.

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a free light!



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