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Seven Unique Cannabis Gifts For The Enthusiast in Your Life

Lydia K. RN
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These amazing cannabis gifts are good for all year round gifting, and especially to satisfy the pressure of finding the most perfectly, unique present to wow your sweetie of BFF at Christmas.

As the gifting season is upon us, time is fast running out to come up with creative ways to spoil your loves, with stuff that they will actually want.  So whether it is a $10,000 dollar gift or a $10 dollar gift (as you will see below), it’s the thought that counts, right? Either way, we have compiled our top seven gifts that will send your sweet little cannabis lover over the moon.

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Image credit: Roman Samborskyi

R00R Excalibur Glass Bong

If you are rolling in dough and do not mind splurging it on your loved one this festive season, then the R00R Excalibur could be top on your list. This gift is definitely a show of extravagance, luxury and class, and OK, bordering on ostentatious. Coming in at a whopping $15,000USD, this gift will definitely sweep the “giftee” off his or her feet.

The Excalibur stands at over six feet tall, and comes with a carrying case to protect it, you cannot chance on the safety of this bong. The name is derived from King Arthur’s legendary sword and those who “know it” claim that it has magical powers that will simply blow your mind away.

Limited Cypress Hill by Roor

Handcrafted Cannagars from Leira Cannagar

Cannabis cigars portray an urbane sophistication for the stoner who is beyond rolling traditional joints. So what is better than flaunting hand crafted cannagers this festive season? Leira Cannagar have an excellent reputation for making the finest cannagars.

Leira has partnered with Gold Leaf Gardens to produce hand crafted cigars made from award winning flower, glazed in solvent-free rosin and sealed in hand rolled cannabis leaves. The leaves are gently wrapped around the core and left to cure for at least one month to ensure the most uplifting smoking experience.

Leira spares no expense in packaging the cannager in the most attractive and enticing wrapper that the modern consumer will be proud to unleash during the festive season. This cannager is available in Washington DC only for now but will soon be available in Las Vegas. Leira’s two cigar varieties sell at $100 and $420 which is a very fair price for quality.

cannabis, cannagars, cannabis gifts, cannabis products, holidays, medical cannabis, recreational cannabis, luxury cannabis, legalization, USA, Canada

Image credit: Liera Cannagars

Cannabis Bouquet from Lowell Herb Co.

Flowers are a woman’s best friend, at all seasons. The Lowell Herb Co. offers a handcrafted cannabis bouquet that is sourced from the beloved Lowell farms in California and exquisitely wrapped as a simple, yet elegant, festive gift for her. The flowers are fresh and organic cannabis from plants grown in California.

She will definitely adore this gif!. You can plan to have it a few days before Christmas so that when you deliver it will be fresh and appealing. Since the packaging is done for you, all you may need to add is a “P.S I love you” note to accompany your thoughtful gesture.

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Image credit: Lowell Herb Co

The Herb Cannabis Cookbook

Nothing beats a thoughtful gift that suits the lifestyle of your loved one. Since most cannabis lovers are foodies, you can spice up their festive season by adding to their herb recipe collection. “The Herb,” authored by Chefs Melissa Parks and Laurie Wolf, is stunning enough to be left on the coffee table.

Interesting point, Chef Laurie Wolf has been called the “Martha Stewart of Edibles” by the New York Times.

This cannabis-infused cookbook features hundreds of recipes from appetizers to full meals, drinks, and desserts. To top it up, the book includes a handy guide on cannabis dosing and extra tips on ensuring that the potency of your cannabis infused meals stays the same. You can get a paperback copy from Amazon for only $22. To accompany this book, throw in a few cookie cutters to get them started on preparing cannabis cookies, which are simply amazing!

Odor Masking Backpack by Revelry Supply

As much as we adore cannabis, we do not like to alert everyone that we are carrying the herb everywhere we go. Reason being, let’s face it, weed can be a stinking business! Also, most cannabis lovers prefer having a separate bag to ferry their cannabis, a sort of “exclusive” cannabis bag.

The Revelry Supply Escort Back Pack has a capacity of 18L, in addition to its odor absorbing prowess. This means that once you pack your cannabis, the odor is completely locked in. This bag is also water resistant and compartmentalized so it can carry all your cannabis accessories comfortably. The bag comes in many fashionable colors: Black, Dark Grey Striped, Green, Grey Crosshatch, Navy Blue and NEW Camo Black and Camo Brown. If your “person” is the kind to travel around with their stash, then definitely go for this.

cannabis, backpack, odor, cannabis gifts, cannabis products, luxury cannabis, recreational cannabis, medical cannabis, holidays, cannabis accessories

Image credit: Toronto Hemp Company

Handcrafted Cannabis Chocolates to say I love you

What better way to say “I love you” than with a pack of handcrafted cannabis chocolates from “To whom it may.” You can shop by flavor, box or party palette. We recommend a box for the festive season – selective samplers arranged with four unforgettable flavors, into smartly curated combinations. Alternatively, you can go with the party palette, which is a mix of twenty four flavors and doses. These chocolates are delicious and indulging and will make for a thoughtful gift for the festive season.

cannabis, medical cannabis, recreational cannabis, holidays, holiday gifts, cannabis gifts, cannabis products, luxury cannabis, cannabis chocolates, edibles, USA, Canada

Image credit: VDB Photos

A Get Away to Bud + Breakfast

Waking up to the scent of gourmet wake+bake breakfast could be the ideal treat for the cannabis lover this festive season. Bud +Breakfast is a boutique hotel located in Denver where green-minded peeps interact and share their cannabis experience. Right from the complimentary breakfast to bottomless mimosas, coffee and teas your guest will never run out of options. Here you can freely indulge in cannabis treats without looking over your shoulder. Should hunger strike, munchies are available round the clock. I should also mention that they offer complimentary beer and wine round the clock?

cannabis, bud and breakfast, edibles, medical cannabis, recreational cannabis, cannabis gifts, cannabis products, holidays, luxury cannabis, bongs

Image credit: Bud + Breakfast

There are dozens of ways to surprise your green-minded love this festive season, whichever you pick, just make sure that it is one that they will live to remember.


Lydia Kariuki

RN, Expert medical writer who is passionate about cannabis!

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