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Sidney: Bipolar Disorder


I spent over $350,000 (over 10 years) on 23 pills a day for Rapid Cycling Bipolar. Then I found cannabis…

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My name is Sidney and I am proof that cannabis heals! I will remain anonymous because I am a single dad living in an illegal state.

I am 52, permanently disabled. I have had several operations on my spine and feet. I was also diagnosed with Level 3 Rapid Cycling Bipolar. These doctors had me taking 23 pills a day! For 10 years!! I ballooned to 359 pounds. I could not walk, bend over, or function as a husband and father.

My wife of 28 years walked out on my son and I in August 2016. I then stopped all prescription drugs!! Over $350,000.00 worth in 10 years! I fully expected to have out and kill everyone. So did everyone else!!! Well, I met a new friend shortly after my ex left and he introduced me to CBD treatments. To my surprise (and everyone else’s), I started to improve. A LOT.

In 11 months, I have gone from a helpless cripple who had completely given up on life, to this……..

I remodelled my house
Sold my house
Got divorced
Kept custody of my son
Lost 120 pounds
Learned to walk again
Best health in 25 years

I did all this with no help and no doctors. I take CBD candies and 2g of medical grade cannabis a day. That’s it. No pills, not even a aspirin!!

Stop wasting your lives, your health, and your money on prescription drugs that were never designed to help. These only keep you addicted and coming back for more, month after month, year after year until you are DEAD !!

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