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So You Want To Go To Weed School – Here Are Some Great Choices

Lydia K. RN
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Whether you want to brush up on your cannabis knowledge, become a cannabis business professional, or learn the latest in cannabis medicine, there’s now a weed school for that!

On June 26th, Oklahoma adopted medical cannabis as permissible under the law, making it the 30th state to do so. Additionally, recreational cannabis use is now legal in 9 states including: Alaska, California, Colorado, Maine, Massachusetts, Nevada, Oregon, Vermont and Washington.  Canada has been medically legal since 2001 and will legalize recreational, nationwide, on October 17th, 2018.

With these pace setting developments in the US and Canada, both consumers and businesses are looking to expand their knowledge on the inner workings of the cannabis industry and the pharmacology of the cannabis plant. Some higher education centers have seen the opportunity presented and risen to the occasion. These ten are doing particularly well:

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American Weed School

Trichome Institute

This Denver-based institute offers a comprehensive cannabis curriculum featuring hot topics such as: the cannabis flower, edibles, consumption methods, making hash and concentrates, and the law, among others. The course is taught online and it is facilitated by Max Montrose who is a notable cannabis educator. Montrose has grown over 200 strains of cannabis and is an invaluable asset to this institute.

Oaksterdam University

Oaksterdam university boasts of being America’s first cannabis college, offering hands on training and with over 30,000 alumni from around the globe. Their classes range from subjects such as the history and politics of cannabis, the art of growing, methods of ingestion, science and law of cannabis. Students can choose between two modules –  weekend or semester classes. This University is a renowned leader in the cannabis industry providing exceptional educational and career growth opportunities.

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The Grow School

The Grow School offers both face-to-face and online cannabis education to cannabis enthusiasts from all over the world. It also supports cannabis growers by providing discounts on gardening supplies after they take the “Grow 101” class. They offer: self paced classes, live online classes and public classes. Can’t attend weed school? They also sell cannabis educational material.

Humboldt Cannabis College

Humboldt is known for producing highly prized cannabis, and the Humboldt cannabis college prides itself in providing high level cannabis education on the following: proper and appropriate medicinal uses of cannabis, sustainable gardening practices and an understanding of the legal history, current law and proposed changes surrounding cannabis.  They have a diversified and competent team of instructors to handle each thematic area.

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Cannabis Career Institute

The Cannabis Career Institute is one of its kind. It offers an “on-the-go” cannabis curriculum all over America. The team traverses through the states offering an eight hour course on all aspects surrounding cannabis, for a small fee. The model is targeted to the business side of cannabis; they aim at helping cannabis entrepreneurs make profitable business models. Training on cannabis growing is also offered, with certificates given upon completion of the courses.

Canadian Weed School

Academy of Applied Pharmaceutical Sciences

This is a private career college that offers a variety of pharmaceutical programs including a certificate in cannabis management quality and laboratory. The curriculum covers growing techniques, cannabis in food regulation, quality assurance and business management for cannabis. The course is a hands-on course and takes 16 weeks.

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Durham College

Durham College offers a part time cannabis program that seeks to prepare professionals to tap into the ever expanding cannabis market. The course is delivered both as a classroom model and an online interactive program. They also offer a two day introductory course on the fundamentals of cannabis for business professionals. This program includes courses such as; cannabis in the adult use market, cannabis regulatory affairs and ethics, cannabis business operations and importation & exportation of cannabis.

McGill University

McGill’s University offers a post bachelors diploma program in cannabis and cannabis production. They also offer workshops in the industrial production of cannabis under the faculty of agriculture. The workshops run for a day and are conducted on the campus.

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Niagara College – Commercial Cannabis Production

This school focuses on providing education on growing cannabis for commercial use. They provide training in the biology and cultural practices in cannabis production, centering on issues of pest control, nutrition, lighting, climate and cultivar selection.

University of Ottawa

This University has taken a different turn to focus on Cannabis Law. They have also partnered with LP Canopy Growth to allow students to take a tour and have hands-on feel as they study cannabis.

Where Is This All Going?

As more and more attention is drawn towards this auspicious herb of our times, we may witness even more ‘higher learning centers’ incorporating cannabis education in their course catalogues. Some will do it just for the potential financial gains while a few will do so with an earnest desire to get the information out there. Find a great weed school near you and join a rapidly expanding workforce!

Lydia Kariuki

RN, Expert medical writer who is passionate about cannabis!

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