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So You’re New To Cannabis….Welcome!

Isabelle Reynolds

There Are a lot of Benefits, But…

With legalization happening across the United States, and the world, many people are starting to get curious about Cannabis and its ability to help them overcome things like stress, anxiety, pain, or just get a good night’s sleep.

It’s perfectly natural if you’re new to Cannabis to feel the weight of the stigma that has surrounded it for decades. And to want to keep the secret safely hidden away while you’re experimenting to see if it can truly help you.

The #1 complaint from new Cannabis users is the odor and how difficult it is to maintain privacy.

Meet Your Easy Button.

The HALO Bag by Budtender has an odor-blocking seal and nondescript markings to make your Cannabis odorless, private, and undetectable.

You can finally have peace of mind at home knowing that your kids and guests will never smell a thing. Even if they’re holding the HALO Bag in their hand.

It’s like having incognito mode for your Cannabis.

And that’s just for starters.

Every new hobby requires the right gear. And preserving Cannabis can be complex and requires specialty equipment like humidors, and hygrometers, along with time to learn and time to perform weekly maintenance.

Without it Cannabis flowers will deteriorate. Becoming unpleasant. Ineffective. Unusable.

Everything You Need. Everywhere You Go.

The Budtender HALO Bag will preserve your Cannabis at the optimal conditions keeping it fresh, potent, and vibrant.

For 5,340% longer.

And it does this automatically. Nothing for you to learn. Or do.

The HALO Bag works with every strain of Cannabis including Indicas, Sativas, Hybrids, and delicate medical strains. And you can swap out strains inside the HALO Bag at any time with no flavor transfers.

Imagine not being confined to your home anymore. The new HALO Bag is also portable, water-proof, and provides all-weather protection.

You can take it with you anywhere you go. Completely undetectable to anyone around you.

No anxiety. Stress. Judgement.

Investing in a new Budtender HALO Bag also saves you money by preventing wasted Cannabis due to deterioration. And as you hone in on your favorite strains, you’ll be able to buy in bulk at discounted pricing and keep it fresh long term.

Isabelle Reynolds

Cannabis researcher and author. My Happy Place is a Sunset Bonfire on the Beach with my dog and Merry Band of Misfits.

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