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Some Unique Ways To Smoke Cannabis

Kyle Sengboupha

Throughout the years, many people have been consuming marijuana either by taking edibles, tinctures, or by the usual smoking it via a joint. However, there are of course other ways on how to consume cannabis, but below I will cover some interesting ways on how to specifically smoke weed.


Some Interesting Ways To Smoke Weed

There are various ways to smoke and use weed, but it all started with wooden pipes. Here is a list of the common ways to smoke and use weed and the appropriate weed-related tools you might need.

  • Smoking a blunt is the most popular way to smoke weed amongst millennials.
  • Smoking weed via bong or bubblers. Using glass bongs is the more popular choice for beginners.

Some Interesting Ways to Smoke Weed 1

  • Smoke cannabis by using vaporizers. If you include nicotine and other products into the vaporizers than this method is not really healthy, but if just marijuana or cannabis oil than this should just do the trick.

Some Interesting Ways to Smoke Weed 2

The ones listed above are just some of the popular ways to smoke marijuana. Of course, if you are creative, there are hundreds of possibilities. Now, let us dive into the some of the unconventional ways to smoke weed.

  • The bucket bong and waterfall bong are cool but the pool gravitybong takes it to another level. The name says it all – you smoke weed underwater in a pool using a water bottle or a 5L gallons.
  • Another type of bong that can really make you high is the oxygen mask bong. You literally have a special gas-like mask and once you put it on, you can just keep on inhaling the smoke.
  • In order to take vaporizers to the next level so your room can be full of smoke in an instant, try out the volcano vaporizer.
  • You can also smoke the Eiffel Tower Joint. Just keep in mind that it will knock you on your butt!

Some Interesting Ways to Smoke Weed 3

Again, smoking isn’t for everyone. Some might want to eat edibles to get a nice high, some might want to take tinctures on their tongue…it’s different for everyone. If you’re a beginner, it’s best to do some more research as to what specific method would you be most comfortable with.

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