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Sweet Lady M

Her sweet name is known by many

Wherever you roam she’ll be there

She has so many different names

In all part of da world she’s called

Spoken of in many varied tongues

She is called lots of esquisite words

Whispered about across the Earth

And is hailed by many nicknames

Rumours of her spread to all lands

Her reputation often proceeds her

She is desired by many varied folk

Known by colloquially odd epithets

Yes she is the most auspicous one

Many hold her name in high esteem

Bonny words lovingly describe her

Fregrant nombre floats pon da wind

Her aroma conjures up soft sounds

So many aliases has this sweet lady

She has been given many monikers

Yes her nom de flor many do adore

The revel in da sound of her beauty

Her titles often induces delerium

And her eponyms cause hilarity

Many ladies do have her namesake

A lady designated varied apellations

Just like secrets arcane shibboleths

Assigned a myriad of esoteric codes

Yes her potty passwords are plenty

A noun of nature with much renoun

And her name is known in every port

In every shire, region, county n town

A plethora of bywords and proverbs

Now to ask would a marijuana plant

By an other name, not be as pretty? 

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