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The Mid is a Product of the Wild West And They’re Creeping to the Top Shelf

Lydia K. RN
cannabis, analytics, data, mid-grade, pricing, quality, recreational cannabis, medical cannabis, cannabis dispensaries, USA, Canada

Mid: short hand for ‘mid grade,’ meaning not the best, but not the worst cannabis; product of varying potency and quality depending on geographical region of growth.

Mid is all the rage in California right now, and there’s one good reason why: the recent economic downtrend is negatively impacting a lot of people. Americans are being forced to pay keen attention to each hard earned dollar. Even for connoisseurs who can afford to splurge on fancy kush, it remains un-American to pay more for something than it’s worth.

cannabis, cannabis bud, dispensaries, mid-grade, medical cannabis, recreational cannabis, legalization, cannabis prices, quality, USA, Canada

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Pretty much everyone can tell the different between top shelf and reggie. And if you are a regular consumer or patient, then you will likely be able to pick out a mid from a top shelf. But, if cannabis is your “once in a while” indulgence, then the difference between a mid and dank may be elusive. Confused? Many are. Unscrupulous sellers pass off mid as ‘medical grade’ on the daily.

cannabis, cannabis dispensary, cannabis buds, cannabis prices, legalization, USA, Canada, mid-grade, quality, recreational cannabis, medical cannabis

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One Man’s Mid is Another Man’s Dank

In California, mids have surged in 2018 due to the market’s competitive nature. In California, mids are now containing 16-25% THC which is stronger than some danks sold in other states.

The tricky thing is that with the chronic lack of regulation in the industry, low priced cannabis can be of higher quality than what is considered ‘dank weed’. Therefore it can be hard to tell.  Traditionally, mids were grown outdoors with little care and would end up having a harsh, grassy flavor due to improper curing. Today, mids in California are now grown in doors under optimal conditions, so their popularity is soaring.

cannabis, analytics, data, mid-grade, pricing, quality, recreational cannabis, medical cannabis, cannabis dispensaries, USA, Canada

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Still, Don’t Pay Top Shelf for Mid

You should work hard to be able to identify different qualities of cannabis, just like you would for any important purchase. We’ve compiled some pro tips to help keep you from paying too much for your medicine:

Engage the Nose

Some stores will allow you to open jars and sniff the cannabis before you purchase, while others will not. Good quality cannabis should smell fresh and should have a strong and complex aroma. A strong aroma indicates that the cannabis has not been exposed to an abundance of oxygen which breaks down the molecules over time. So go for the cannabis that has the most potent smell.

cannabis, analytics, data, cannabis prices, quality, mid-grade, cannabis dispensaries, legalization, Canada, USA

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Ask if the Potency Has Been Tested

Samples that have been run past analytics will be able to verify what the cannabinoid concentration is and will also be able to verify that it’s mold and fungus-free. Another important consideration is the amount of chemical residue that can be left from large-scale operations. These pretty much need to apply pesticides and use fertilizers. But, you definitely do not want that in your medicine, so ask if it’s been ‘lab-tested.’

Check the Moisture Content

Cannabis flowers should neither be too wet or too dry. Too wet will have a weak taste and may develop mold, while too dry may be hard to smoke and lead to irritation in the lungs. The humidity should be anywhere between 63 and 67 percent humidity. The buds at this temperature can be broken easily without crumbling.

cannabis, cannabis dispensaries, quality, mid-grade, cannabis pricing, USA, Canada, legalization, recreational cannabis, medical cannabis

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Does it Look Pretty?

Cannabis comes in different colors. mostly within the green spectrum. Buds can have a slight purple, pink, blue, or red hue. These should not, however, be vibrantly colored as that suggests some tampering because it’s not natural. On the other end, if the majority of the bud is tan or yellow or brown, it’s not the good stuff either. These are indicators of an unhealthy plant or improper drying/curing. It will be harsh and unpleasant to smoke and can make your lungs feel unhappy.

High THC Level is Not Everything

Mids are popular for more than price and high THC these days. Those with less potency are gaining traction because patients have different needs depending on what’s going on that day. For example, you don’t want ‘couch-lock’ when you have teach a class or operate machinery.

If the weed is fresh enough, smells good enough, has no impurities and has the right color, then it is the right kind of mid. If you feel adequately medicated and your wallet is not empty, then a good mid it is is.

cannabis, smoking, data, mid-grade, quality, cannabis dispensaries, cannabis pricing, legalization, recreational cannabis, medical cannabis, USA, Canada

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If cannabis is to be a part of your daily life, then a good quality mid is the way to go.  No one needs to break the bank to get a decent medicine.

Lydia Kariuki

RN, Expert medical writer who is passionate about cannabis!

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