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Tim: Trigeminal Neuralgia


My name is Tim. This is me at 47 years old, after being beat almost to death by two individuals.

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My facial nerve was partially severed and also crushed in five different places. The result was this constant itching and burning. It can be compared to begin constantly attacked by fire ants. The pain was always there, along with numbness plus a migraine 100% of the time.

The pills prescribed by my doctor left me a total zombie. After researching, I found a cannabis strain called “William’s Wonder.” Five days after starting cannabis, I was pill free aside from the 2 Aleve I continue to take today.

I smoke high grade cannabis three times a day. It took a bit to get used to the high, but once I did, I found myself to be fully functional and 90% pain free.

I wish all of you the best on your journey to find YOUR cure.

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