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Too High? Here Are Some Steps To Help

Kyle Sengboupha

We’ve all been there.

Preferably, we would always understand our limits and how to avoid an intense high, however, sometimes this can become difficult for beginners, new medical patients when trying out a new strain or mode of consumption. Luckily, there are many little things which can be done in order to counteract this extreme high, and hopefully, never experience it again!

Don’t Panic

In this state, it is very easy to start to get anxious, paranoid and agitated. It is important to recognize what is going on, realize that you are experiencing symptoms of cannabis over-consumption. Remain calm, tell yourself that this is just temporary, it will pass shortly, and no one has ever died from a cannabis overdose. If you’re experiencing physical anxiety, try changing into some comfortable non-restrictive clothing such as pyjamas.

Find a place to chill and lie down, practice meditation or simple breathing exercises. Taking a nap, daydreaming or listening to calm music will help distract you from this seemingly never-ending experience.

Before you know it, it’s all over!

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Stay Hydrated

For some, dehydration while too high causes headaches and dizziness. Getting the recommended 8 cups can help deliver mental clarity and leave you feeling refreshed. It’s also recommended to drink milk or real fruit juices, as these can help raise your blood sugar level and momentarily curb the negative effects. Try snacking on vegetables high in water content such as cucumbers. Consuming citrus, specifically lemon is extremely beneficial. Firstly, the sourness will distract you from the roller coaster high. Also lemon contains a terpene called limonene which reduces highness. Stay away from alcohol as it will worsen the situation. Coffee, for some, may also be of help at providing a heightened alert and focused perspective.

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Black Pepper

Many people, including Neil Young, swear by this technique. Chewing or smelling the spiciness of a couple black peppercorns will help relieve social anxiety and paranoia. The taste and smells invigorate your senses, providing a distraction from the otherwise negative feelings. Beta-caryophyllene is a terpene found in black pepper and had been cited to help fight weed-based paranoid behavior.

Go Outside

Being indoors can sometimes feel very claustrophobic, and create unwanted anxiety. Try getting outside, away from overwhelming socialization and take a minute with yourself to relax. Walk slowly and take deep breaths. Lie down and watch the sky. Pick a nice spot to meditate or listen to some music. If you are unable to get outside, sit by the window or go out onto your balcony or backyard. Try getting in as much fresh air as possible, reminding yourself that with every breath you’ll get calmer.

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Take a Shower or Bath

Being in a body of water whether it’s a shower, bath, pool or lake is the perfect way to rejuvenate, relax, and distract from the racing mind. If you’re brave enough, try a cold shower as it will take away all the focus from the mind onto the body. Feeling the ice cold water will awaken the skin and refresh your senses. If a cold shower is too overwhelming, a hot bath will also do the trick, the warm water will help soothe the mind and body.

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Distract Yourself

Try doing something you’ve done before and love to do. Don’t overwhelm yourself with new or irrational things. Instead shift the focus away from your mind and onto something like music, a movie, video games, or a book. Practice creativity and mindfulness, try free writing or drawing, this will put you into a positive mental state. Writing or drawing can also help you recognize and rationalize what you may be experiencing.


CBD significantly alleviates anxiety and paranoia. A study noted that CBD not only reduced the symptoms of anxiety but also changed the way the brain responded to anxiety. Try microdosing CBD oil instead of a potent THC strain, cannabis comes in so many forms, it is important to find what suits you best.

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