Top 10 New Ways to Get Cannabis into Your Body

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So many ways to take your medicine and more arriving on the market everyday. These are a few of our current favorites.

As cannabis becomes just another part of everyone’s lives, tech development for consumption is at an all-time. The days of hot-knifing hash and smoking blunts are still here, but they’re making way to newer, more efficient forms of getting the herb inside of our bodies.

Here’s a short list of some of RxLeaf’s favorite new delivery “devices.”


I’m mentioning edibles first because, for the most complete therapeutic value, eating cannabis is the most effective delivery method. This is based on anecdotal and controlled observations.

Powdered Cannabinoids

For decades, the mantra has been “cannabis does not dissolve in water.” This is no longer true due to molecular gastronomical methods for fusing cannabinoids to starches.

By attaching a cannabinoid – say, THC – to a complex carbohydrate like a starch, we essentially fuse the marijuana molecule to a sugar. Although cannabinoids may not readily move through water, sugars do. In fact, our biological pathways for absorbing and metabolizing sugar are some of the fastest pathways we’ve evolved. After all, bacteria, our single-celled ancestors, likely survived entirely off sugar back when the earth was full of more hot gas than your drunk uncle.

Companies such as Oleo and Mondo Meds (based in Oregon and California, respectively) offer powders infused with THC and/or CBD. Because these powders are starches, they will (mostly) dissolve in water. They can also be cooked into just about anything, as both companies offer non-flavored versions of their products.

Heck, you don’t even have to cook the powders into anything. You can just sprinkle them on your favorite dish – or you can just pour them straight into your mouth.

The added benefit of water-soluble cannabinoids is that, unlike other edibles, they work incredibly fast. We’re talking effects kicking in within five minutes kinda fast. That should help patients better gauge their doses, too.

Liquid Cannabinoids with Moods

Spring-boarding off the water-soluble THC concept, ebbu, a company founded in Colorado, makes ebbu Drops. Although they won’t say how they get the cannabinoids to dissolve, these drops, like powdered cannabis, can be added to just about anything. However, ebbu takes their products a step further than the powdered stuff: the drops contain terpenes, and the company claims individual ebbu products will generate different kinds of highs – or moods – in the patient.

Chocolate with Moods

Okay, so let’s say you don’t want to accidentally mix up your eye drops with your ebbu drops. And none of us want to be caught with a bag of white powder in our purses (“I swear, it’s weed!”). You like your stuff to come premade. That’s fine. 1906 New Highs, also based in Colorado, has got you covered.

1906 crafts gourmet chocolates infused not only with cannabis but other herbs and flowers as well. These other plants offer additional terpenes, cannabinoids and flavonoids that may influence your moods. The company’s founder recommends mixing the “Energy” and “Love” chocolates for a bangin’ late-night session with a spouse or romantic partner.

Sublingual Breath Strips

Okay, so cannabis breath strips aren’t new, but they aren’t terribly popular, either. Let’s try to change that, shall we?

Several brands offer breath strips. Tommy Chong’s Chong’s Choice has ‘em, as does Kinslips and Canyon’s LickIts. There’s a ton. Just look up what’s available in your area, and you’re certain to find some.

You may be wondering what’s the point of breath strips with weed in them. When taken sublingually (under the tongue), cannabis absorbs into the capillaries lining the inside of our mouths. This allows for the cannabinoids to absorb faster and more readily than they would if they went through the entire digestive tract first. Much like the water-soluble cannabis products above, minus all the carbs.

Besides, cannabis can get the breath kickin’. Why not cool off that mule breath with some mary-janed mints?

Vaping Cannabis

For health reasons, if you’re going to inhale cannabinoids, the best way to do it is through vaporization. Whether you’re vaping flower or oils (dabbing is a form of extreme vaping), you’re avoiding combustion. Combustion literally burns the cannabis, generating tons of carcinogenic and toxic free radicals. Although vaping also generates free radicals, it does so magnitudes lower than smoking does.

Firefly 2

The Firefly 2, coming out of California, looks like a typical flat-bodied flower vaporizer. However, unlike most other vaporizers, the Firefly 2 utilizes a state-of-the-art coil system, made of incredibly sturdy metallic alloys. The coil’s composition makes it more durable for long-term vaping, and it keeps its temperatures steadier, too.

Rokin Cyclone

Vape pens are popular because they’re portable, easy to use – and most of all – discreet.

The Rokin Cyclone is a little different from other vape pens because it features a special waterless cooling element. By cooling the device, it can keep it from vaping too hot. Hot vapes not only hurt, it destroys many of the terpenes responsible for flavor and aroma, and they could compromise the full-spectrum ensemble effect offered by medicinal cannabis.

Also, heat can wreck even the hardiest of vape pens after months and months of repeated use. By keeping the internal temperatures cool when needed, the unit can last a long time.

Klear Kube One

Electric nails have come a long way from the clunky metal things that just look like normal dab nails hooked up to wires. The Klear Kube One is a quartz cube, but inside this box is some of the latest tech in dabbing.

The Klear Kube One connects to the AugustHaus app via Bluetooth. Through the app, you can control temperature settings, customize the LED lights to your tastes, or even set it to a cleaning mode where it boils off all the excess crap left behind from your low-temp hits. (You snob.)

Best of all? It doesn’t even look like a nail. It looks like postmodern décor – which could be a bad thing if Jordan Peterson is coming over for dinner.

MJ Arsenal’s Mini Rigs

Electric nails that could’ve been crafted by Pinhead are awesome and all, but what if you’re old school with your dabs, and you still prefer the trusty butane torch? (Or propane, for you pyros out there.)

MJ Arsenal recently unveiled their Mini Rig line, pristine glass that’s almost small enough to fit in your pocket. The tubing inside each Mini Rig is crafted to maximize pull length, so you will draw some surprisingly large puffs given the compact size of these crystalline doozies.

Smoking Cannabis

So we’ve finally arrived at smoking. Smoking cannabis is how most of us were introduced to this amazing plant, and although smoking has some downsides, toking weed is still far better for our lungs than sitting in a Vancouver traffic jam.

Smoking anything introduces free radicals into the body, which is a downside. Free radicals can damage our DNA through oxidation, triggering inflammation and accelerating the aging process. On the upside, cannabis smoke contains so many antioxidants they may cancel out any of the oxidative damage caused by free radicals. Smoking – like vaping – also gets the cannabis into our bloodstream instantly, which is a godsend when you need quick relief.

Rolling Papers

Joints are the simplest way to smoke weed – besides smoking a naked nug, which is not only possible but also hilarious to watch.

If you’re going to smoke your cannabis through a joint, use thin, unbleached papers. Unbleached papers contain only the woody pulp fibers and none of the chemical residues used to treat the stuff. And you want the papers thin because that means you’re smoking less paper in the long run.

The winner in both categories is RAW Black. RAW staked its claim on unbleached papers that seal with the least toxic glue available, and the Black version is double-pressed to make the papers as absolutely thin as possible. Thinner papers bring out more of the bud’s flavor, too.

And although this one offers no special medicinal benefits, Shine Gold rolling papers are hella baller, son. They’re papers made with an extra layer of smokable 24K gold because, well, why the fuck not? YOLO.


I must confess: the Incredibowl is hardly new. It first came out around 2010, and though it never quite caught on commercially, you can still find these things floating around online.

The Incredibowl was designed by engineers in Boulder, Colorado. It’s sole purpose? To blast the most concentrated hit of weed smoke directly to the dome. With the Incredibowl, you can clear a gram of flower with one quick sip. Not a single drop is wasted with this one, folks.

Don’t believe me? Check out this video. You’d be amazed how much ambient air fluffs even the most monstrous bong rip.

There’s More, But….

I can’t list every new thing within my allotted word limits. There’s a ton of new stuff coming out now, and as swanky trust-fundies keep pumping more cash into cannabis tech, we’ll be seeing more novel toys in the future.

One of the most exciting trends to keep your eyes on will be customizable or directional highs. “Indica” and “sativa” are horrible categories for letting anyone know what a particular cannabis product will do to us. Analytics drawn from apps will give us more clues for designing and labeling products so we have a better idea if we’ll be feeling up, down, sleepy or alert from a particular item.

Until then, experiment to your heart’s content. Cannabis is here to stay, and it’s much too big now for any president, political party or bigoted movement to take away.

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