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What Are Auto Flowering Seeds?

Kyle Sengboupha
Auto Flowering Seeds

Auto flowering seeds may be a useful tool to any novice growers out there.

Auto flowering seeds evolved in northern Eurasia, so they are very robust. They are combo of a strain known as Cannabis Ruderalis, and it developed in central Russia where situations are harsh. The plant didn’t have the power to wait for the hot climate that Sativa and Indica chemovars traditionally enjoy, so instead, it just begins flowering on its own schedule. Auto flowering seeds can be perfect for those growing their own cannabis.

Auto flowering seeds result in high-quality cannabis, but don’t need you to change the light cycle, or detach males. The ease of growing this kind of seed makes it great for novices, or people who are growing in less-than-ideal situations, such as on open ground, a window ledge, or an area that does not have otherwise ideal growing conditions.

Why Use Auto Flowering Seeds?

Auto flowering seeds have the ability to produce at least two outdoor crops in the course of a typical summer, and sometimes even more. If you are growing them indoors, they can mature fully in as few as ten weeks, allowing you to squeeze in more harvests. Auto flowering seeds are also typically quite resilient. They tend to resist mold, pests, and frost better than other types of cannabis seeds.

The primary argument in favor of auto flower cannabis, however, is rapid results. During the course of a single standard season, auto flowering seeds have the prospective to produce at least two outdoor crops. When growing indoors, auto flowering cannabis plants can grow up fully in under 70 days.

This means that the time between germination and harvest is also notably quicker. As such, growers looking to produce results quickly are advised to consider the auto flowering option. Further, auto flowering strains are far less labour-intensive and far more forgiving. With little to no knowledge and experience, even first-timers can produce excellent results with auto flower strains.

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How To Grow These Seeds

As we mentioned before, auto flowering seeds are perfect for beginners. Many of the things that make it difficult to grow the chemovars traditionally called Sativa or Indica are simply not an issue when you are working with auto flowering seeds. You won’t need to worry yourself with the perfect light cycle. Even better, you won’t need to worry about pruning off the male flowers.

Like all cannabis, however, auto flowering plants perform best in an environment that is between 75 and 86 degrees Fahrenheit. Note though, that they may be able to thrive in warmer or colder temperatures; but that the warmer it is (up to a point) the more likely the plant will grow quickly and reach its full potential.

Hot air also holds more water, so be aware that that mold is more likely to grow on your plants in hotter temps. If you are growing indoors, you’ll be free to easily monitor and control the temperature. You’ll likely want to allow the temperature to drop about ten degrees at “night” or during the dark period. Overall, though, don’t let the temperature drop much more than that, since that could decrease both size and eventual yield.

For the most part, growing auto flowering seeds is simple. You’ll just want to make sure they have enough light and water and stay at the correct temperature. At the end of the growth cycle, you’ll be able to the harvest the plant the same way that you would any other strain.

Auto Flowering Seeds in a pot for growing


  • The plants remain small (on average 30 till 60 cm).
  • Auto flowering plants bloom automatically after about 2 to 3 weeks of growing.
  • Auto flowering seeds are ready relatively fast (on average 10 weeks from seed till harvest).
  • Plants with auto-flowering capabilities will remain small, and don’t attract much attention.
  • The smell of auto flowering cannabis plants is generally less strong than the smell of normal cannabis plants.
  • You can harvest more than once throughout one season.

If you’re a new grower, it can be great to start with auto flowering seeds. They remove many of the most complicated steps including with cultivating a healthy marijuana plant.

Building An Underground DIY Greenhouse For Auto Flowering Seeds:

RxLeaf’s Francis Cassidy also wrote an article about how to extend the Autoflower gorwing season for all 12 months of the year – a Wallinpini Greenhouse. What follows is a short excerpt from his article, the full text of which (with diagrams and building instructions) is available here. The idea originated in Bolivia, and was named a “Walipini” —the indigenous word for “warm place.”

In essence, it consists of a pit dug into the ground, with a sloping roof on top. The idea worked well in the cold Andean regions of South America. Many cannabis growers have now adopted it to help their plants survive the cold winter. By harnessing the natural heat stored in the earth—something known as “the thermal constant,” one can harness a surprising amount of constant heat. With a roof on top to seal and insulate, this method enables the optimal environment for growing cannabis outside of the main growing season.

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