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What Are Feminized Seeds?

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What are Feminized Seeds?

Feminized cannabis seeds are bred to carry no male chromosomes, thus ensuring that every plant grown up from them will flower as a female and be able to produce the crop of resinous buds sought by most growers. 

Feminized marijuana seeds are seeds that only produce female marijuana plants. Feminized seeds are seeds which have been bred to produce female strains. By means of modifying the genetic makeup, every seed can produce a female plant which will have syrupy resin covered buds for harvesting. Also, this is a more suitable means of knowing a plant’s gender, thus getting rid of the probability of male plants pollinating and fertilizing the female plants.


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How to Make Feminized Marijuana Seeds

The first idea is you get two female cannabis plants to make seeds with each other. With two female parents, all the resulting seeds end up being female, too. The secret is a particular substance known as “colloidal silver” which simply means water that has silver particles hanged in it. You can make colloidal silver at home (instructions below), with a colloidal silver generator, or you can buy colloidal silver at health stores and online (some people drink it).

For some reason, when a female marijuana plant is reveal to colloidal silver during the early flowering stages, all the exposed parts which would normally grow THC-laden buds instead will grow male “balls” or pollen sacs. It “masculizes” the treated part of the plant. The concentration of silver ions in the water literally act as an ethylene inhibitor / antagonist on the plant, which forces the plant to create male pollen sacs instead of female buds.

Each cannabis seed company has their own preferred method of creating feminized cannabis seeds, and some of these techniques are remain personal. But in normally most feminized seeds are generate by changing a female cannabis plant into a male plant to create pollen.

This process is  called ‘reverse a female plant to become a male. The female plant is normally bred specifically for desirable features like as high THC, heavy blooms and fast flowering. When she is change to become a male plant the pollen that is subsequently produced will create seeds which only give rise to female plants. This pollen is called ‘female pollen’. It creates seeds, but creates only feminized seeds.

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