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What is a Cannagar vs Thai Stick?

Kyle Sengboupha

What is a cannagar and what is a Thai stick.  

Well in fact the cannagar is actually originated from the “Thai stick” which was very popular in the 70’s n 80’s.

Some cannagars are still called Thai sticks to this day.  However, today’s Thai sticks differ from the originals as they are smokable off the stick, the old school Thais, were broken off the stick in pieces and added to bowls or joints.  


Back in the day, Thai sticks were some of the first premium seedless buds.  They were tied to a bamboo stick with hemp string.  For added potency, they were dipped in opium and or concentrates. 


Today cannagars and Thais are created by lightly compressing flower on a stick, rolling in concentrates and wrapping in cured cannabis leaves.  Once cured the cannagar or Thai is removed from the stick and smoked like a cigar.  But inhaled of course.


Having a Thai stick gave you bragging rights during the hippy era.  Today we’d like to think most people would prefer the cannagar/ new aged Thai.

– Rxleaf

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