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What Is No-Til Cannabis?

Kyle Sengboupha

Not No Frills like the grocery store but No – Til.  This is an organic growing practice that has become increasingly popular in the cannabis industry.  No – Til farming supports the method of minimally disturbing the soil by growing your crops without tillage (The mechanical agitation of soil that comes from turning and stirring.  The no-tilling technique increases both water absorption and organic matter retention by recycling nutrients back into the soil. 

In The regular tilling process, which agitates layers of soil (flips over).  The purpose of tiling is to break up old soil to help prepare the soil for seeds, and remove weeds.  Tilling gives it a refreshing turnover. 

The major difference with no-tilling practice is that it relies on its own natural processes to refresh the soil.  It requires no mechanical agitation.  Rather, it depends on its own organic matter (beneficial fungi, good bacteria, and living organisms) to self-maintain so the soil can be used over and over again.

No Til soil comes with  many benefits , for one it makes the soil much more resilient which leads to more efficient farming, improving the sowing time, and less waste overall. The no-til practice is a solution to those who are on a budget.  By reusing soil season after season, the process is sustainable.  Eliminating the need for chemicals and/or added nutrients.  This is why no-til for the health-conscious cannabis consumers the way to go.  Completely organic and natural sustainable product. 

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