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What Is The Most You Can Smoke In A Session

Kyle Sengboupha

Aside from its potent medical value, a smoke session of Cannabis is a popular source of getting high and having some fun.

It may sound quite surprising but cannabis is not a new source of relaxation. Several in-depth research articles have time and again proven the fact that cannabis was cultivated as far back as 3000 B.C.E. Though smoking cannabis for some fun and recreation has attracted people, excess consumption in your smoke session might freak you out.

If you are planning to consume cannabis, and are interested to know your limits of consumption in a session, you can find some help here.

What is the limit of cannabis per smoke session?

When it comes to smoking, there is no true upper limit or restriction that you need to follow. It basically depends on your preferences and resistance.

If you are, or plan to, use cannabis for medical reasons, we recommend you start with a small amount and increase consumption as you become habituated. Once you take a breath, wait a while before you have more, even 15 minutes or so.

What method should I take it with?

The amount of cannabis in a single joint can vary depending on the type of the cannabis you are using, how it is ground, and other factors. Vaping will also always be easier on your lungs than smoking.

Refer to the THC count of the cannabis to decide your usage, and use a smaller amount to begin.

What happens if you take cannabis in excess?

Cannabis overdose is something quite common to discuss among the users… however, no confirmed death has ever been recorded.

This recreational drug does not have any proven toxic effect on human cells or organs. Therefore, there is little risk of getting any fatal effect.

“Greening Out”

However, you might have an unpleasant experience due to the overuse of the drug. This is commonly called “Greening Out.”

In most of the cases, greening out causes an increased heart rate, a feeling of anxiety, paranoia, and a dry mouth.

Again in most of the cases, overdose symptoms generally do not last beyond 15 minutes. However, in some cases, the symptoms may last a little longer, sometimes an hour. If used as edibles, the overdose symptoms may continue for as long as two hours or longer.

What else?

Often, users report a different sense of time, so don’t worry if that 15 minutes seems to take forever.

Do not panic if you have taken cannabis in excess. Just stay calm and remember that the feelings are temporary. Relax yourself by sitting or lying with closed eyes. If you are in a group, let others know about your problem so that they can keep a watch on your movements. If you find yourself embarrassed, remember that other members of the group have probably been there too.

In case the discomfort becomes unbearable; call emergency to seek medical assistance.

What is the difference between smoking and ingesting?

A cannabis user might not always smoke. While some prefer smoking, others may simply ingest it.

The limits of consumption also change with the type of usage. Ingesting cannabis will give you long lasting results and the side-effects of greening out may last for a longer period of time.

Inhaling will offer a faster high, and in case of overdoing it, it takes less time to regain a normal state.

Conclusion: Enjoy your Smoke Session

Smoking or inhaling does not have any significant side-effects on your body.

We never recommend using it in excess, as regular overdoses might have a negative impact on your well-being. Also, be careful what kind of activities you perform while under the influence. Doing anything can increase your risk of accident.

Relax and wait till you gain complete consciousness before taking part in any kind of activities.

If you are new to cannabis, go slow and start with a low amount. Just consuming more for some fun may lead to unexpected consequences later.

Children or teenagers, who have developing brains, should never regularly consume cannabis. Also, we advise that you observe your behavior and activities after using cannabis, in case it is interfering with your day to day lifestyle.

To be on the safer side, you should also know the laws related to cannabis in your state.

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